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Castello Cabiaglio

-Tel. Town Hall: 0332/425813
- Inhabitants: 554
- Meters above sea level: 514 m
- Pro-Loco
In the village’s territory it can be found the Natural Reserve orientated to the Torbiera of the Carecc and some architectural examples of art nouveau, Villa Gili (1899) is one of them; the parish church of Saint Appiano is dated back to the XII century but it has been enlarged in 1601; frescoes of Battista Ronchelli and an organ of 1701 can be found here.  The church of Saint Carlo is beautiful as well (1600, with wooden altar and a painting of the 1646 of Cremonese Miradori. In the village some tombs have been found and they probably can be dated back to the 1st century AD and a Cotton factory of 1700.

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