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Cocquio Trevisago

- Tel. Town Hall: 0332/975151
- Inhabitants: 4742
- Meters above sea level: 291 m
Cocquio is characterized by an historical residential construction: Villa De Maddalena Schiroli, building of the 1700 with a marble portico, Villa Mörlin Visconti, building of the 1700 with furniture and decoration dated back to 1800;  Villa Tagliabò-Vallardi, building in eclectic style of the end of ‘800. The parish church of the Purification of Maria could be dated back to 1240 and has, on the façade traces of the old Romanesque structure. It was enlarged in 1400 with the addition of the apse and the presbytery and, in 1700, with the construction of the vault and the lateral chapels. The parish of Saint Maria Assunta has been modified in 1500. A must to visit is the Museo Salvini and the ruins of  the medieval tower in location “Torre”.

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