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-Tel. Town Hall: 0332/650143
-Inhabitants: 1683
-Meters above sea level: 309 m
-Pro-Loco: via Dante,1 
Political capital of the Valcuvia for the whole middle age, Cuvio was already inhabited in the roman age, as the stone bridge and some monils (bronze era) found in the surrounding areas show. In 1450 started the construction of the Palace Cotta Litta Visconti Arese. The building has been used first as fortress and then, in 1600, it has been transformed in noble residence. The portico and the main staircase are remarkable. The church of SS.Pietro and Paolo is dated back to 1807;
beautiful the tower of Saint Lorenzo (1100) and, in Comacchio, the ancient organs factory Mascioni. 

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