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-Tel. Town Hall: 0332/743108
-Inhabitants: 9174
-Meters above sea level: 261 m
-Pro Loco: via Lungolago, 3 -
Gavirate is full of historical evidences: the private construction boast of the palaces Maglioni Puricelli (1400), Besozzi (1500), Gerli Arioli (1500), Frapolli (1600), Albuzzi (1500) and Fiorentini, building with tower of the 1600. The Benedectine convent, in Voltorre, has been edified between the year 1050 and 1100 in romanesque style; today is national monument. Really ancient as well, the church of Saint Giovanni and Saint Giorgio, built in 1400, but restored in ‘700. Other religious buildings: Saint Carlo in Arminio, edified in 1672; the church of the Trinity (1710) has been built on an existing chapel of the XVII century with a small cylindrical bell tower; last, Saint Vitale and Agricola, in Oltrona, built in 1200. Interesting the Pipe Museum, in Brebbia (free entrance on reservation, calling 0332/770286)

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