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The Monastery of the Romite

In 1450 Caterina Moriggi from Verbania decided to spend her ascetic life sheltered in some caverns of Mount of Varese, place of wild glades and woods.

In 1454, after having survived the terrible plague epidemic, Caterina met Giuliana Puricelli from Verghera, another young follower of the “wild community”; they decided to devote themselves to prayer and to attend to all the pilgrims who visited the Sanctuary.

The Monastery was built in 1474 under the authorization of the Pope Sisto IV; only two years later the nuns obtained the right to celebrate the Christian liturgy.

Of great importance was the school built inside the Monastery in the 16th century and definitively shut down in 1969.

Nowadays the Romite are about 40 and they are involved in tilling the soil, rearing animals, restoring valuable works of art and preparing the liturgy.

Recently the Romite have opened the “Centro di Spiritualità” (or Spirituality Centre), a new structure intended for all those people who want to spend some days in prayer and in silence.

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