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The visit to the Sanctuary

Entering by the main entrance you can admire the frescoes by Salvatore Bianchi painted on the walls and on the barrel vault; they accurately reproduce “the struggle between S. Ambrogio and the Arians” and “Ester and Assuero”, “Giuditta and Oloferne”, “Giaele and Sisara”.

The imposing high altar by G. Rosnati representing the 15th Mystery of the Rosary was made with 150 tons of marble. On the left you can find the “Crib” realized by Lampugnani brothers and the golden statues carved by Andrea Prestinari (1596); on the back the niche with the wooden statue of the Madonna with Child. Behind the altar we can see the “scurolo” with frescoes by S.M. Legnani.

To notice are:

-          Cristo Portacroce”, a fresco painted by Vincenzo Civerchio in 1490

-          the Baptistery, realized in 1894 by Pogliaghi

-          the tiled floor of the 15th century

-          the altar-piece by Legnanino representing Christ blessed by the Virgin before the Calvary

-          The Assumption” by Ghianda

-          The Sybille” by Della Rovere

-          The presentation of Jesus in The Temple”, wooden statues by A. Prestinari (1596)

-          The Nativity” by Lampugnani  (1633)

-          the lunettes by G.M. Della Rovere

-          The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows with “Christ kneeling to His Mother” by S. Legnani

-          The Annunciation”, sculpted by F. Manfrini

-          the Oratory of the Beate containing the corpses of Caterina and Giuliana.

Coming out of the Sanctuary you can see:

-          the “Piazza Nova”, characterized by the particular triangular shape

-          the bell tower by Bernascone

-          the stone well realized in 1593

-          the imposing statue representing Paolo VI realized by the sculptor F. Bodini (1986).

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