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The cafè Borducan and its Elisir

The elixir of Borducan Café

The elixir of Borducan, typical liqueur of Sacro Monte, is an orange brew invented the last century by the Garibaldian Davide Bregonzio.

The history of Davide Bregonzio is very interesting. He was an expert herbalist, able to prepare medicinal and pharmaceutical extracts. In 1860 he went in Sicily to join the famous Thousands of Garibaldi; her he began to appreciate the typical insular oranges. When he came back to Varese he decided to invent a new liqueur: the Borducan. In 1870 Davide Bregonzio opened the “Borducan Café” in the heart of Santa Maria Maggiore: the elixir began to work.

When Bregonzio died the direction of the Borducan passed Anita Angiolini, a capable and enterprising woman who in 1924 made built another building to give hospitality to the Borducan Shop.

Today the famous recipe of the Borducan is in the hands of Bruno Armando Bianchi, owner of the Colonne Hotel, who already produces the original elixir.

After a closing period the Borducan Shop has reopened.

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