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The First Garden of Frate Sole on the San Francesco Mountain

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The newspaper of Varese, La Prealpina, wrote an article about the inauguration of the “Garden of Frate Sole (Brother Sun). The article was as follow.
“ Lift your hand if you know the mountain San Francesco, just under the Campo dei Fiori. Lift your hand if you know there are ruins of a monastery, dated back to 1228 and abandoned from the francescan friars in 1478. Yes, on the mountain San Francesco, 793 meters high on sea level, slightly less than the 883 meters of the Sacro Monte, will be a meeting place for whoever wants to increase and give testimony of his love for nature. The garden of Frate Sole, this is how it is going to be called,…”
In reality, someone was previously taking care of this problem, and in a convincing way. As we discovered later, thanks to the attention of don Adriano Sandri, priest in Velate, the architect Maria Grazia Sironi wrote a documentation the priest was in possession of.
As it can be understood, this remarkable effort has been left without the adequate attention.
We, anyway, under authorization, and to remark the importance of the place, gave a copy to the Provincia di Varese.

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