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Getting There: Sacro Monte, Santa Maria del Monte and Campo dei Fiori

BY WALK: from Velate among the Holy Road, starting from Prima Cappella. (2 km by walk on cobblestone path rising up the mountain)

BY BUS: Line C (CTPI - Consorzio Trasporti Pubblici Insubria 0332-336121) from station railways - Corso Moro - Via Veratti - Viale Aguggiari)

BY CAR: from the highway follow the direction "city centre". Go on until a roundabout with a big spruce and at the traffic light turn right on Via Veratti. Go on on Viale Aguggiari for 2 km go through S. Ambrogio, Robarello, Fogliaro and Prima Cappella. Follow the streets until Piazzale Pogliaghi. Attention: on week end or festivity the road from Prima Cappella may be closed. We suggest you to park your car near the railway stations and take the bus Line C.

BY CABLERAILWAY: ( 0332 225549), The station is reacheable with the bus Line C or by walk from the First Chapel (1.5 km).

GROUPS OF PILGRIMS: Its possible to reach the little village of Santa Maria del Monte by Grand Tourism bus, parking at Piazzale Pogliaghi far 300 mt by walk from the Sanctuary. An alternative way is to stop at Piazzale Montanare and take the cablerailway (for special ride call: A.V.T. 0332/225549 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). For those who prefer to rise up through the Holy Road, the cobblestone path is of 2 km of lenght. Doubledecker buses must stop at Piazzale Montanari (max height 3,5 mt under cablerailway bridge).

CAMPO DEI FIORI: m 1.100-1.200 meters above sea level) follow the indications, at the first junction after the First Chapel turn left and after 3 km stop at the parking near Pensione Irma. Is possible to take the bus Line C. 

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