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Natural Monuments

The natural monuments are limited areas of particular geological and biological interest.

To notice are:

The erratic boulder of Brinzio
It is a set of big boulders deposited in Intrino Valley (750 metres) by glaciers. You can reach it following path n.4 and 5.

The stump source
It is a source of Karst origin which gushes out of a beechen trunk in Cuvio. You can reach it following the street which takes to Santa Maria del Monte.

Pesegh Fall
It is a fall originated from the confluence of Brivola and Valmolina streams’ waters.
You can reach it following the street which takes from Brinzio to Rancio Valcuvia.

Valganna’s Gorges
They are deep wall incisions worn away by water. You can find them on the outskirts of Valganna Caves in Varese and Induno Olona.

Potholes of Vellone’s Stream
They are particular abrasions caused by wash.

Tagliata’s Pool
It is a small pool of stratum’s water situated in Tagliata resort, in the commune of Varese. It gives hospitality to numerous amphibians and newts.

Motta d’Oro Pond
It is a small pond situated in the commune of Gavirate. It gives hospitality to thousands of amphibians.

Natural Path of Sources (Run Time: ½ hour)
It is situated in Cascina Zambella resort and you can reach it on foot following the system of signs of path n.10. It is possible to organize guided tours with guides experienced in environmental education.

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