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Protagonisti e artisti

Edoardo Caravati, the sculptor

Edoardo Caravati worked as stone-cutter at the building yards of the funicolar and of the Campo dei Fiori Hotel. This job didn’t satisfy him: in fact in his spare time he enjoyed himself in hammering and in chiselling every kind of rock, also the hardest one.

He left to us a lot of his work but some of them have been maimed, stolen or neglected.

From 1901 to 1911 Caravati worked in Germany as builder of roads and dripstones: here he continued to devoted himself to his passion.

His most important works are: the “Mondito”, the “Madonna ecefala”, the “Ur Signur da sass” and the “Crocifisso con tre Marie”. Visiting Santa Maria del Monte we can admire the Face of Christ realized on the rocky outer surface of the Moriggi Street’s Wash-tub.

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