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Protagonisti e artisti

Floriano Bodini

Born in Gemonio in 1933, Bodini was also known as “The Popes’ Sculptor”. In 1936 his family moved to Milan; here he attended the Academy of Brera. After the end of his studies he devoted himself entirely to teaching. He worked at the Liceo specializing in art subjects, at the Academy of Brera and at the Academy of Carrara; here, in 1987, he became headmaster. In 1991 he got the chair of sculpture at the Polytechnic of Architecture in Darmstadt. His most important works are the monuments to Virgilio (1985), the “Fonte di Sant’Agostino” (1986), the “Monumento a Paolo VI” for the Sacro Monte of Varese (1986), the high altar of the Basilica of Varese (1991), “Paolo VI” for Milan Cathedral (1994), the high altar of the Sanctuary of the Santa Casa of Loreto (1994), the “Volo di Colomba” (1997) and the monument to “I sette di Gottinga” for the city of Hanover (1998), the statue of “Santa Brigida di Svezia” for the Basilica of San Pietro in Vaticano and the “Porta Bronzea” for the Laterano (2000).


The statue is full of symbols: Paolo VI admonishes with an hand and receives with the other one. His big mantle seems to remember the sudarium; sheep are lost and a mother defends her little lamb; the upset cup represents the worldwide problem of famine; the skull refers to death; the bunch of flowers is a tribute made by a believer to this great man.

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