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On the top of Campo dei Fiori massif you can mainly find beech woods, conifers and red-deals.

Fraxinus, cherry trees, lindens, bay-oaks, hornbeams, maples and alders grow in the picturesque shaded and dump valleys.

The sunny and arid mountainsides of Mount Martica give hospitality to numerous specimens of chestnuts, durmasts, birches, Scotch pines, robinias, ash and oak trees.

The underbrush is characterized by the presence of wood anemones, wood lilies, Solomon’s seals, bear’s foots, dog’s-tooth, sowbreads and orchids.


Peat is created by some specimens of sphagnum, mosses and ditch reeds (particular plants which grow in damp places characterized by a fresh climate) which die and accumulate on the pools’ bottom. Peat was extracted, wiped and successively burned. Now this fertile soil is used to cultivate flowers.

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