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The conifers of Campo dei Fiori massif give hospitality to martens, badgers, squirrels, loirs, foxes, beech-martens, wild boars and roes.

Between amphibians you can find frogs, toads and salamanders. Between reptiles green lizards and colubers, also called “saettoni”. Vipers are rare.

Numerous are the specimens of birds. We remember: the goshawk, the marsh tit, the bullfinch, the kite, the pern, the buzzard and the sparrow-hawk.

The Red Frog
It is a brown-reddish land frog which spends all its life in woods. It comes up to water only two or three weeks a year, during the period of reproduction. In the Regional Park Campo dei Fiori you can find two of the species of this particular amphibian: the agile frog (or “Dalmatina Frog”) and the mountain frog (or “Temperaria Frog”).

The Toad
The common toad is a nocturnal animal which spends all its life in woods and glades. In March you can see it migrating towards pools to lay eggs. Unfortunately to reach these places they are obliged to cross very busy streets risking their life.

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